It’s over!

All my tears turned to dust,and my eyes were dryin up

All my fears are gone in the wind,I’m not the saint that you knew

I’m made in up,no in down,I’m best without you now

You thought because of you I’ll fall in pieces

You thought without you I’ll lose my life

I still think you’re alone in your species

You’re cruel,you’re fool,you haven’t a sense

The door of my heart is closed,it’s over, it’s over!

Maybe I was just an inocent,when I’ve listened to your infantry

Deeply I was hurted,betrayed,men as you don’t deserve a life

You thought that I’m not able to forget you

And you still be the one for me,it’s not true

You’re cruel, you’re fool,I was deaf before but now I don’t trust in you

It’s over,it’s over..

Liar that was your aim,playing with my heart, my feelings as a game

But now I wake up and I say,it’s over, it’s over,it’s over

*Celine Dion said: »when I give my heart I give it completely or I’ll never give my heart »

Love contains no lies,no hurts…it’s not a game!When u love someone u must be true with him.

« when u love someone,u do anything » (Brian Adams).The real feeling,the real sensation,this passion brings emotion,isnt’s it?I have this sensation in me,so I respect people who make a sense to this word: love


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